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The Company EuroAudit doo, Belgrade was founded in August 2001 based on the license issued by the Ministry of Finance no. 5/2-03-0004/01 to perform activities of providing statutory audit, financial, accounting and tax consultancy services. Continuity of performing registered activities was supported by the license of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia no. 401-00-2369/2014-16 dated 23 July 2014 in accordance with the Law on Auditing (Official gazette of the Republic of Serbia, 62/2013).

Audit of financial statements

Business audit

Audit of other balance sheets

Financial due diligence with the assessment of creditworthiness

Transfer Pricing

Accounting consulting

Asset and/or equity valuations

Tax consulting

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We aim to make available our existing capacities for the performance of services for our clients. Dedication to the aim of sound business decision-making and risk protection results is the positive response from our satisfied clients.

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Our consultancy and auditing services are based on the principle of quality above form, with full presence of form as proof of the procedures in our work and the results thereof. We have been performing the activity for over 15 years and we believe that our success is due to expert and professional work.






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It would be a pleasure to have an immediate opportunity to present the services in our field.

Prof. Milovan Filipovic, PhD, director

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